Member of the Month

The Williamsburg Area Chamber of Commerce wishes to recognize the achievements, leadership, and impact our local businesses make to not only our organization but to the local economy and the Williamsburg Community. Once every month, the WACC Member of the Month award will be presented to a deserving WACC Member business member, exemplifying our core values. 

Nomination Process

Each month, nominations will be collected and reviewed by the WACC Board of Directors. Businesses and community members are invited to nominate their fellow member businesses OR nominate themselves. Self-nomination is encouraged! If no businesses are nominated, a business will be selected by the Board. The nominated business must meet the below eligibility criteria. Chamber staff will check the eligibility of each nominee. All verified nominations will remain in consideration for three months. 

Nominations must be received by 5 pm on the 10th of each month. 

The nominated business must meet one or more of the following criteria, as it aligns with the WACC mission of Commerce, Community, and Cooperation 

  • Cooperation: demonstrates outstanding support to the Williamsburg Community and Chamber.
  • Commerce: Demonstrates creativity and imagination in business expansion and future planning Shows growth trends in revenue or workforce.
  • Community: Provides extraordinary customer service, involvement in the community, and a positive work environment for their employees.


Eligibility Criteria

  • The business must be a WACC member, in good standing, at the time of nomination and during the award recognition. 
  • Business must be located within Williamsburg, Parnell, or Conroy Areas
  • Business must be in operation for at least 1 year. 
  • Business must have less than fifty full-time employees.
  • Business must not have won the award within the last year.

Recognition will include: 

  • Official Certificate
  • Announcement on Chamber Facebook Page and E-newsletter
  • Large Sign Gypsy sign in front of the business for one week
  • Prize package: including treats for your team and flowers to display in your office. 


Selection Process:

The WACC Board of Directors will review nominations and business eligibility each month during the monthly board meeting. Each winner of the Member of the Month is a finalist for Williamsburg’s Business of the Year award, which will be presented at the 2024 WACC Gala.  The winning business will be notified the first Friday of each month. 

Click HERE to download the nomination form.