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1 week ago

July 9, 2018
Williamsburg City Council Meeting Minutes

Mayor Sandersfeld called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and noted council members Grier, McMann, Marshall, Zalenski and Tornholm were present. Also present was City Attorney Eric Tindal, Public Works Director Brian Portwood, Police Chief Ray Garringer, Recreational Director Nichole Winegarden, Assistant Library Director Perla Josue and City Clerk Nicole Osweiler.

McMann made a motion to approve the agenda, Zalenski seconded the motion. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Teens Overcoming Obstacles, TOO, presented the idea about having a speaking event on August 30th from about 4 to 7 p.m. in the square park. The event will also include live music and they will be trying to raise money for psyche wards, therapy and research. The speakers will share their personal stories and help correct the misconceptions towards mental health. The council all agreed to this event and encouraged them to let the city know if they need any assistance with the event.

Kristie Wetjen, Williamsburg Area Chamber of Commerce President, and Jen Neumann, de Novo, presented information on what branding is and de Novo. Jen Neumann went into detail about the company and their history with helping other communities brand themselves and effects of it. She keyed on that they will make Williamsburg’s goals their goals and they want to make Williamsburg the best it can be and not like another community. A question was proposed from a resident about how this would really help the community and was answered with it would give an outsiders perspective, help with signage and come up with a message that describes what Williamsburg is/represents. The time frame for the project will take about 4-7 months, but the life span of the work done will be far out in the future. The council discussed how this was not put into the city’s budget for this fiscal year; there was money set aside for economic development, but not enough for the requested amount. Wetjen offered for the Chamber to pay for the full amount and the city would reimburse them on or before July 15, 2019, so it may be budgeted in FY20.

Motion was made by Tornholm to approve Resolution 62-18: A Resolution Approving the Agreement with de Novo for City Branding with revision from Attorney Tindal regarding the repayment back to the Chamber; Grier seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken: “Ayes”- Zalenski, Tornholm, Marshall & Grier; “Nays”-McMann. Motion passed with a majority vote.

McMann inquired about the status update on the water and wastewater projects; Marshall gave an updated based on the previous committee meeting. McMann inquired about Axon Enterprise bill; Chief Garringer informed him it was the yearly payment for some of their equipment. Motion was made by Marshall to approve the consent agenda items, McMann seconded the motion. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Motion was made by Grier to approve Resolution 63-18: A Resolution Approving the Contracts for the Water Towers to be Painted, Zalenski seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken: “Ayes”- Marshall, Grier, Zalenski, Tornholm & McMann; “Nays”-None. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Mayor Sandersfeld brought up the idea to split the monthly department reports between the two monthly council meetings to help shorten the length of the meetings; also the first council meeting each of the month and the library meeting conflict with one another at times. The public works and recreational will present their monthly reports at the first meeting of each month; and the police and library will present their monthly reports at the second council meeting of each month.

Winegarden submitted the written report for the recreational department. Recreation Center will start fall registration for volleyball league. The A/C unit for the small meeting room was covered by insurance due to it being hit by lightning; the claim has already been processed. General Recreation held their first “Adult Kickball” tournament during the 4th of July and it went very well; they plan to hold this again next year. The summer rec baseball and softball have ended, but they are getting ready for youth flag football. The Aquatic Center had its yearly inspection and only had two minor issues with one of them being fixed while the inspector was on sight and the other will be addressed with fall or next spring prior to the facility opening. Lessons end July 19th and the pool closes for the season on August 12th. Motion was made by McMann to approve the recreational department’s report for June, Grier seconded the motion. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Chief Garringer presented the June Police Report to the council. The speed signs came in and will be placed tomorrow. The signs will be moved around town as complaints and issues come about to get data. The council inquired about the number complaints received in regards to fireworks; Chief Garringer said there were fifteen from July 3rd to July 8th. James Humpton addressed the council about the issues fireworks caused in his neighborhood in regards to animals, personal property and people with PTSD. He also expressed that many did not obey the city ordinance in regards to dates and times. He stated that all but two communities in Johnson County banned fireworks. He is concerned with the liability that property owner’s have to take on since they can only be set off on private property and not on public property without permission. He would like the council to revisit the ordinance prior to next year. Lisa Montz also expressed her issues with the fireworks, mainly concerning the noise and effects it has on younger children, elderly and people with PTSD. She has started a facebook page on this issue and is willing to get a petition started on this issue, if needed. The council said a petition is not needed due to them planning on revisiting the ordinance, but it is her right if she chooses to pursue it; they also asked her to share any feedback from the Facebook page. Chief Garringer will look and see how other communities revise their ordinances after this year and provide feedback to the council so proper changes can be made for next year. Motion was made by Tornholm to approve the police department’s report for June, Marshall seconded the motion. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Portwood presented the public work’s written report for the month of June. Dust control on North Street was done by the county. Tapken and he have been working on his lead & copper plan. There were 43 Iowa One Call’s located, 40 curb stops marked an mapped on paper and 6 MXU’s fixed on water meters. The streets around the square and town were cleaned; the lines around the square were repainted and reflective sand was used too. Turner Services exercised all the valves and it went well. Preparation for the 4th of July celebration was done and clean up had no issues. The sign post for the electric sign at the old school park were built. The property owners at 103 Bedford Road have drainage issues on their property from hard rains and would like the city to address the issue. The city can control the way the water tower is drained by using a different technique to help with water flow on this property, but they cannot change the drainage from neighboring properties. The council has asked Portwood to discuss this issue with the property owners more and explain to them that we will control the drainage from the water tower but will not direct the neighboring properties on how they are to handle the storm water. Motion was made by Marshall to approve the public work’s June report, Grier seconded the motion. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Perla Josue presented a written report for the library. June has been a busy month with all the reading and evening programs. They are trying to get the information out there about patrons being able to use their library cards online if they are unable to make it to the library. The numbers for circulation has increased. Motion was made by Zalenski to approve the library report, McMann seconded the motion. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Motion was made by Grier to approve Resolution 64-18: A Resolution Authorizing the Disposal and Destruction of City Records per the Formerly Adopted Record Retention & Disposal Policy; Marshall seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken: “Ayes”- McMann, Tornholm, Zalenski, Marshall & Grier; “Nays”-None. Motion passed with a unanimous vote. A question was asked on how the records will be destroyed; Osweiler said they would shred them in house over a period of time or they would be burnt. The council asked for her to look into a professional shredding service for destroying the records.

There were dates proposed to hold the public meeting in regards to the possible broadband project and the upcoming water and wastewater projects. August 14th was the agreed upon date starting at 5:30 p.m. in the library meeting room. The location will be moved if the response seems to be greater than the space. Consultants for each project will be present to discuss the projects and answer questions.

Ron Holden gave an update on the old school park. He would like the council to consider locking the gates and restrooms every night once everything it is ready. There has been a request for horseshoe pits to be installed and he would like to do that; the council agreed this would be a good addition to the area. He inquired about the property and liability insurance for the property; he was told that the city has spoke with Lillis Insurance and the property is being covered. Tornholm brought up the idea about doing a ground breaking ceremony; Mr. Holden said the city may do one if they would like. Attorney Tindal informed the council that he will not be at the next meeting but Scott Peterson will be filling in for him; Peterson does have experience with city government. The franchise fee information has been sent over and he recommends it be reviewed at the next council meeting and then forwarded onto Alliant and TIP REC. Pat Ball, Stanley Engineering, introduced himself to the council and wanted to let them know the firm is still interested in working with the city on any upcoming projects. He has also been assisting Portwood with preparation for his Grade 3 wastewater license.

Motion was made by McMann, seconded by Marshall to adjourn the meeting at 8:02 p.m. Motion passed with a unanimous vote. The council will meet next for their regular scheduled council meeting July 23, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. in city hall.

Nicole Osweiler, City Clerk
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2 weeks ago

Notice is hereby given that the Williamsburg City Council will meet in regular session on
Monday, July 9, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. at the Williamsburg City Hall, 210 W State St.

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. Approve the Agenda
5. TOO- Approval for Event in August on the Square
6. de Novo Presentation
7. Approve Resolution 62-18: A Resolution Approving the Agreement with de Novo for City Branding in the City of Williamsburg, Iowa
8. Approve Consent Agenda Items – All items listed under the consent agenda will be acted on by one motion unless a request is made prior to the time of the Council’s vote.
a. Minutes from Water and Wastewater Cmte Meeting June 25, 2018; Minutes from Council Meeting June 25, 2018;
b. Bills as presented for payment;
c. Approve June Financials;
d. Payroll Leave Report;
e. Building Permit List;
f. Water Loss Report;
9. Approve Resolution 63-18: A Resolution Approving the Contract for the Water Towers to be Painted
10. Discussion of Splitting Department Reports Between Monthly Meetings
11. Recreational Report
12. Police Report
13. Public Works Report
14. Library Report
15. Resolution 64-18: A Resolution Authorizing The Disposal And Destruction Of City Records Per The Formerly Adopted Record Retention & Disposal Policy
16. Approve Date for Community Meeting on Broadband and Water/Wastewater Projects
17. Public Address – Public opportunity to address the Council about any item not on the agenda.
18. Adjourn
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2 weeks ago

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