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Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

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4 hours ago

September 24, 2018
Williamsburg Economic Development Committee Meeting Minutes

Mayor Sandersfeld called the committee session to order at 5:32 p.m. and noted members Tornholm and McMann were present. Chuck Deisbeck, Brian Hamacher and Nicole Osweiler were also in attendance.
Chuck Deisbeck and Brian Hamacher with SouhSlope gave a brief summary of their experience in the field and how SouthSlope operates. They inquired about what the city wants to accomplish by bringing broadband to the community and if they have any ideas on how to accomplish it. The council and Mayor explained the need for broadband is to assist with economic growth and make it a self sustaining utility that has reliable service. Deisbeck gave examples of how the utility has been implemented in different communities along with its success rate; he also keyed on other marketing tactics other providers will use if the city would pursue this utility in order to keep customers. Hamacher and Deisbeck both encouraged the committee to do their research and consult with experts before taking the utility to a referendum. RFP’s were also recommended for finding a company to work with if that is the way the city chooses to pursue for operation.

Tim Oswald, PiperJaffray, recommended the city determine what their goals are and what services they want to provide. He also keyed on how this could be funded along with issues that need to be considered if customer accounts decline over the period service.

Motion was made by Tornholm, seconded by McMann to adjourn the meeting at 6:18 p.m. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Nicole Osweiler, City Clerk
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5 hours ago

September 24, 2018
Williamsburg Park & Recreational Committee Meeting Minutes

Mayor Sandersfeld called the committee session to order at 5:00 p.m., noted member McMann and Marshall. Also in attendance were Dr. Garber, Brian Phillips, Mark Armstrong, Tim Oswald and Nicole Osweiler.

Dr. Garber addressed the committee about the 28E Agreement the Williamsburg School has with the Williamsburg Recreation Center in regards to having it updated to reflect its true purpose/use; the agreement has not been updated since it was originally put in place. The school board would like to have better communication between the city to ensure both parties are succeeding and improving the community as a whole. During the process of updating the agreement they would like to address what facilities are actually being used along with amount of time for each area. The funding provided to the recreation department from school will not be affect this year, but they would like to review it in the future to help with planning on both parties sides for projects and operation.

Tim Oswald, PiperJaffray, explained to all in attendance how the TIF funding works along with the upcoming projects the city would like to undertake with the assistance of TIF funds. A brief discussion was had regarding the possible amounts, but no definite numbers given. The city will have a meeting with the school board once they a definite plan is in place for the capital projects along with funding sources and amounts.

Motion was made by Marshall seconded by McMann to adjourn the meeting at 5:31 p.m. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Nicole Osweiler, City Clerk
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1 day ago

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