Lake Iowa Nature Center
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Lake Iowa Nature Center - Iowa County Conservation continuously tries to improve conservation, education and recreationfor Iowa County, Iowa. With properties running along the Iowa River to a timber oasis off the beatentrack, Iowa County Conservation offers a large and amazing variety. Some of the properties are a lessinhabited than others, so you can get what you are looking for. Would you like to go camping withyour friends and hit the beach? How about hike alone, with your dog? You can do it all at our manyproperties.The largest recreational area is Lake Iowa Park. This park includes an 83 acre lake, campground,nature center, bird blind and trails. Since 1962, visitors have enjoyed fishing, camping, picnicking,hiking and swimming. Winter sports such as cross-country skiing, ice fishing and winter camping arealso available. Naturalist programs are offered throughout the year.

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