The Iowa County Historical Society maintains and operates the Pioneer Heritage Museum and Resource Library locatedin Marengo, IA. This half-block site includes an 1856 log cabin, 1861 log house, 1890’s rural farmhouse, the relocated Chicago Rock Island RR depot from Victor, and a 1930’s gas station from Hartwick, IA. The filling station display includes an antique race car and 1938 fire truck.

The various structures house exhibits of farm machinery as well as household and country store items, clothing and military history. The museum's collection of uniforms and military gear span from the Spanish American War through the Civil War, World War I, World War II (includes both men's and women's uniforms), Vietnam and Desert Storm. In addition to the museum grounds the Iowa County Historical Society also maintains the Gritter Creek Country School located west of North English 3 miles off the main Millersburg North English road.

We also have original furnishing from the Gritter School. This is the only remaining brick one-room school building in Iowa County and is open to the public at all times.

Our mailing address is PO Box, Marengo, IA 52301.

675 East South Street, Marengo, IA, United States
(PO Box 288)
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