Iowa County Farm Bureau
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Iowa County Farm Bureau is a farming organization that was founded in 1918, today's members come from all walks of life and easily find common ground in farming values like family, productivity and quality of life.  Whether you farm or not, our work touches everyone in the community in some way.  The Iowa County Farm Bureau board of directors and committee members work hard promoting youth development and education, rural community renewal, health and wellness initiatives, the environment, Iowa's famous work ethic and many charitable causes.

What’s in an Iowa County Farm Bureau membership for you? Think about everything you love about Iowa. We support all of that, plus more, quality of life, family, conservation, economic opportunity, wholesome food, vibrant communities ... plus some great member savings. You as members are helping Iowa’s largest, truly grassroots, farm organization preserve everything that makes Iowa such a special place for us all.

319-668-1331 ext. 4
212 West State Street, Williamsburg, IA, United States
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