City of Williamsburg Bank Draft Authorization

  • * I hereby authorize the City of Williamsburg to bank draft my checking account for payment of my monthly water/sewer bills. I understand this authority shall remain in full force and effect until written notification of termination is received from me and the City of Williamsburg has a reasonable opportunity to process my cancellation request. I understand that nothing contained in this Authorization shall serve to reduce my obligation to pay my City of Williamsburg utility bill and that services may be disconnected should I fail to have sufficient funds in my designated account to cover the amount of the bill. Should my draft be dishonored by my financial institution the City of Williamsburg will no longer allow me to have drafts. I further understand that the name on the bank account to be drafted is the name that appears on the City of Williamsburg utility account. The attached voided check represents the account that is to be drafted.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY