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20 hours ago

March 19, 2019
Williamsburg Street, Light & Energy Committee Meeting Minutes

Mayor Protem Adam Gier called streets, light & energy committee meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Noted committee member Marshall, council member; and Brian Portwood, Public Works Director, were present. Scott Porttoff, MMS Consultants Inc; Noah Hofrichter, IIW; and Nicole Osweiler, city clerk; were also in attendance. Mayor Sandersfeld was unable to attend the meeting.
Porttoff and Hofrichter went over which areas each firm would be handling for the State Street bridge project. Porttoff, MMS Consultants Inc., will head the project and handle all areas but the bridge design; Hofrichter, IIW, will be in charge the bridge design and all areas associated with the bridge. A discussion was had in regards to how the project could be funded with grants and local funds. The committee would prefer to try for grant funds; which could delay the project a year due to the awarding of the funds. IIW will do the inspection of both bridges in town; which will determine how the score sheet for the Urban Bridge fund will be filled out. The inspection could possibly require load ratings to be posted, too. The committee went over ideas for how they would like to see the bridge improved, which included: pedestrian walking area, widening the bridge and finding ways to help prevent water from going over the roads. Both firms agreed all of those areas will be part of the preliminary design and they will look into areas where water goes over the road. The permitting for the design takes four to six months to get approved; therefore, they will start on the preliminary work as soon as FEMA sends the requested information and the survey is finished up. There will be a public meeting once all of the preliminary is approved by the committee/council; this will ensure all concerns and questions are addressed from the residents and property owners. Construction and closure of the area will try to be done in the winter months since there is less traffic at that time. The details of the project schedule will be pendent upon funding. There will be another committee meeting once the inspection is done to determine how to handle any immediate action items.

Motion was made by Marshall, seconded by Grier to adjourn the meeting at 7:41 p.m. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Nicole Osweiler, City Clerk
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4 days ago


Notice is hereby given that the Williamsburg City Council Streets, Light & Energy Committee
will hold a committee meeting on Tuesday, March 19, at 6:30 p.m.
at the Williamsburg City Hall, 210 West State Street.

1.Call Meeting to Order
2. MMS/IIW- Discussion of State Street Bridge Project
3. Adjourn
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