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9 hours ago

September 18, 2018
Williamsburg City Council Meeting Minutes

Mayor Sandersfeld called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. noted council members Grier, McMann and Tornholm were present. Marshall and Zalenski arrived after roll call was taken. Also present was City Clerk Nicole Osweiler.

McMann made a motion to approve the agenda, Tornholm seconded the motion. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

McMann went over how FY18 budget deficit is in reflection of FY17 surplus. Funds were received for the Circle Terrace capital project in FY17 and construction was still being completed done in FY18 when no revenue was shown; which caused the deficit and surplus. Over the last three fiscal years that city has had revenue of $866,478; which still needs to be increased to sustain current operations and continue to improve city infrastructure.

The council reviewed the current budget and did not see any issues as of where it stands to date but will be reviewing it again in three months when the fiscal year is half over. Marshall discussed the possible expansion of the soccer fields by the recreational center. The commission has been in contract with contractors about the cost of the project and is still working on getting the details finalized for the project. There has been discussion of donated labor and materials by some interested parties and breaking the project in phases. The council discussed how they could fund the project and a few options were discussed and will be considered when the all the details are presented. The council did give Marshall and McMann permission to inform the commission the city will contribute to the project. A discussion took place regarding the recreational department still having to cut $80,000 from their FY20 budget to help offset the deficit that will be caused when the TIF funding sunsets. The discussion also went into how much can be cut until the department is not seen as an asset anymore to the community; the council asked that a performance firm be contacted to help review the department. Pay increases and benefits for FY20 were discussed regarding how they affect each other and the budget as a whole. The council divided into two groups to review each position’s compensation and how it compares to other communities; along with the benefits that are offered. This topic will be discussed in more depth with the FY20 budget meetings. Tim Oswald, PipperJaffray, has provided the city with drafted options to fund the water and wastewater projects. The council reviewed them briefly and will look at them in more depth when he attends a council meeting in the coming month.

In August of 2019 the contract with Republic Services will be up and the council discussed when to start sending out RFP’s to service providers for a new contract. It was decided to send the RFP used previously to ECICOG for review and update. The committee will review updated RFP before it is brought to council for approval. Osweiler will contact the ECICOG about updating the previous RFP and ask them to also attend a council meeting to discuss other services they can provide to the city.

Motion was made by Tornholm, seconded by McMann to adjourn the meeting at 7:42 p.m. Motion passed with a unanimous vote. The council will meet next for their regular scheduled council meeting September 24, 2018, following the public hearing at 6:30 p.m. in city hall.

Nicole Osweiler, City Clerk
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