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The flags in the square park will be reduced this year due to anticipated weather coming over the next few days. Please take time to appreciate all the ones around the community this Memorial Day weekend. ... See MoreSee Less

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Notice is hereby given that the Williamsburg City Council will meet in regular session on
Tuesday, May 28, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. at the Williamsburg City Hall, 210 W State St.

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. Approve the Agenda
5. Public Hearing for Ordinance 35-19, 36-19 & 37-19
6. First Reading of Ordinance 35-18: An Ordinance Replacing City Code 92.02-Water Rates for Service
7. First Reading of Ordinance 36-18: An Ordinance Replacing City Code 99.04, Paragraph 3- Sewer rates for Service
8. First Reading of Ordinance 37-18: An Ordinance Replacing City Code 106.08- Collection Fees for Disposal of Solid Waste & Recycling
9. Public Hearing for FY19 Budget Amendment #2
10. Approve Consent Agenda Items – All items listed under the consent agenda will be acted on by one motion unless a request is made prior to the time of the Council’s vote.
a. Council Meeting May 13, 2019; Planning and Zoning Commission Minutes May 20, 2019;
b. Bills as presented for payment;
c. Water Loss Report;
11. Iowa County Democrats- Use of City Property for Event
12. Jordan Meek, 105 Sunny Slope- Sewage Back-up
13. Approve Resolution 56-19: Approving the Final Plat for Walnut Grove
14. Approve Resolution 57-19: Approving Walnut Grove Sidewalk Installation 5 Year Timeframe
15. Approve Request to Allow Triplex on Walnut Grove Development
16. Request to Waive Rental Fee for Recreation Center- Abigail Maas
17. Discussion of Recreation Center Lease Agreement
18. Williamsburg Chamber 4th of July Requests
19. Library Monthly Report
20. Approve Resolution 59-19: Professional Service Agreement with HR Green for Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
21. Police Department Report
22. Approve Resolution 58-19: Hiring Blake Heller as a Reserve Officer for the Police Department
23. Approve Resolution 50-19: Approving FY19 Budget Amendment and Certification #2
24. Approve Resolution 51-19: Transfer of Sewer, Sewer Increase and Water Funds to Debt Service Funds for 2012, 2014, 2016B GO Bond Payment
25. Approve Resolution 52-19: Transfer Sewer Increase to Sewer Fund and Sewer to Sewer Plant Improvement Fund
26. Approve Resolution 53-19: Establishing Embargo on State Street Bridge
27. Approve Resolution 54-19: Approving a Proposal for Service with Cummins Inc for Annual Maintenance of the Generators
28. Review RFP’s for Audit Firms
29. Approve Resolution 55-19: Approving Audit Firm to Conduct City of Williamsburg Yearly Audit
30. Public Address – Public opportunity to address the Council about any item not on the agenda.
31. Adjourn
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